Visual Artist Michelle Weinberg, Dance/Theater artist Octavio Campos and Film/Video artist Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez formed IPO in 2004. A multi-disciplinary collaborative team, IPO examines how the intuitive, fluid nature of the artistic process is both disrupted and energized by banal economic facts.

Fusing performance, visual and time-based art forms, Campos, Rodriguez and Weinberg advance a coherent theory of art economics borrowing from the lingo and structure of business organizations.

A signature IPO product is Interdisciplinary Pollinating Overlap™, a survey/questionnaire and live “speed dating” event that¬†engages artists in the process of discovering collaborators woking in different mediums.

IPO offers the spectator an eccentric and profound look at the creative and administrative forces shaping the arts in the 21st century.

The action and visual elements of IPO transgress the boundaries of the white box gallery and the proscenium stage as well as the usual discourse of artmaking itself, progressing according to the distinct phases of launching a business venture. The role of the presenter is acknowledged as a dynamic force and participant, acting as producer, curator and CEO. The tangible components of IPO include movement, spoken word, sound, video/ film, set decor, and a web element.

IPO Associates who have contributed to the success of IPO include: designer Dimitry Chamy and photographer Luis Olazabal. Our founding president emeritus is Susan Caraballo.


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