IPO Prospectus introduces potential investors to company products “Personal Branding” and an exclusive pharmaceutical download “Ipodoximillion.” A survey for interested parties seeking artistic collaborators is enclosed, plus a DVD of “Infomercial.”

IPO Bored Room was presented by Miami Light Project Here and Now Festival in March 2005. Read the New Times review here.

IPO Training Manual comprises individual pages to be collated by the user according to their interests. Includes: IPO Best Practices, Intricate Pattern Overlays, Dr. O Paper Doll, wallpaper and newswires.

Scan Artist is a cathartic performance experience in which machine/technology objects are destroyed via dramatic physical force by Dr. O, asserting the worker’s power over them. Safety precautions are in place at these events.

Flipping Unreal Estate was performed at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn, NY

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